“Hi, you are making a film” (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)

A film without a director and raccord and written collectively is possible!

Is it possible to make a film in which every shot has been recorded by a different person? Is it possible to create meaning if the directors, know only the shot they have recorded and nothing about the rest of the story? Can your grandfather and the neighbor of the third floor be directors ?

“Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain) ” has been done like that, with hundreds of amateur directors shooting a script written collectively by three groups of teenagers from Lavapiés (Madrid), Bir Chifae a neighborhood in Tangier,  and Abrantes, a town in the interior of Portugal.

“Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain) ” has  developed in four stages, all them built on the three countries, from September 2012 to June 2013 .

The writing of the script and the construction of the storyboard has been made in workshops with teenagers between 16 and 18 year old. The process started in Spain, where the first group wrote the beginning of a script as well as another story.


Portugal developed the next part of the plot and a third story. Moroccan teenagers wrote the last part of the script shared among the three countries and two more stories.
Portugal created the storyboards corresponding to half of the stories written by the Spaniards and also a half of the storyboards of the Moroccan stories.

P1040419Morocco designed the storyboards corresponding to half of the stories written by Portugal as well as half of the storyboards of the Spanish stories. Finally, the Spanish created the storyboards corresponding to half of the stories written in Morocco and Portugal.


The shoot was opened to all the people who wanted to participate in Spain, Portugal and Morocco and through the internet, that shooted it frame by frame, without knowing the rest of the story.  The project culminated with the premiere of the film  at the Filmoteca Española – Cine Doré (Madrid) and the Cinémathèque – Cinema Rif  (Tangier) on May 19 2013. Abrantes had its premiere June 7  in Rua Largo Raimundo Soares.

The ending result? A film  with three original versions in  Arab, Portuguese and Spanish that everyone involved considers yours and, at the same time, a common creation of the collective imagination.


Project trajectory.

“Hi, you are making a film” is a collective experiment that has produced 18 short films in two years. The initial 12 scripts were made by immigrant from Lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid. The following 4 by inhabitants of four little villages in Leon, affected by depopulation. The last 2 scripts were made by children of a rural school in Pontós (Girona) and their neighbors. “Hi, you are making a film” 18 short films have been shot by 550 directors with a total participation of 1.200 people.


Project decalogue:

• The film has not a director but many, and its script is written collectively.

• There is no racord (film continuity) of locations, light, clothing, language or actors.

• The process of the film is as important as the film itself.

• The film participants are co-authors, the authorship is collective.

• The format is not important, the contents matters. Each person may choose the format to shoot, film, video, mobile phone, webcam format…

• No one shoots more than one shot.

• Performance style is totally free.

• The role of the editor is NOT the usual way, should joint the shots and generate a film with an appropriate rhythm so as to be legible.

• The text can be performed in any language.

• The premiere of the film will take place with none of the participants knowing the film. It will be subtitled in Arab, Portuguese and Spanish.

• The Project is “Creative Commons”.


“Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)” has been promoted by Maelström (España), Espalhafitas (Portugal) and  Atatour – Arej (Morocco) and supported by  the Collaboration Grants of the European Cultural Foundation

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